New model : Aquatico Retro 670

Characteristic data :

The maximum length: 2.98 m
The maximum width: 1.30 m
Total mass: 60 kg
Surface of the sail: to 4.5 m2
Crew: to 2 persons
To the boat it is possible to install the combustion or electric outboard.
The structure and the equipment:
The hull is folded up from two fittings outside and internal, made of the polyester-glass laminated fabric. The space between fittings filled up partly by foam material is acting as the chamber pływalnościowej guaranteeing unsinkable-ness of the boat. Ożeglowanie without rigging permanent with the single sail about the area 4.5 m2. Helm with the mobile fin and the pivoting tiller.
Into the composition of equipping the body moreover a crosswise bench, nests of rowlocks of launch oars, oars are accessing kips and fastenings to ropes.

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