PM 580 Fisher

PM 580 Fisher:

built with the thought about the recreation on the water connected with the angling. Port free cover! Specifications: The maximum length: 5.80 m,
the maximum width: 2.40 m,
C category, total mass of 820 kg,
crew to 7 persons
The organization of the inside of the cockpit enables free angling for even six anglers. Hull of the boat made from LPS. Deck made of wood (mahogany, of files, iroko). Central console equipped with the mah
ogany training wall with the transmission gear, floodlit distribution equipment and the fairing from handrelingami.Pok order equipped with bow and aft railes, three cleats and two półkluzy, in the cockpit seating for seven persons,
under which, three spacious cubbyholes are located. The gaps intended for the search are in every cubbyhole zenz, of assembly of fuel tanks and battery batteries. At present the boat is equipped with one battery and 54 litre fuel tank. In zenzie an electric pump was installed zenzową, heavy-duty, started by hand from the position of the guidance.