Rowing-sailing boat
Boat is designed for wide circles of sailors and boaters.With Universal equipment and proper shape of the hull, the boat can sail under sail or using oars.
Sail area limited to 4.5 m2 and a very simple equipment allows sailing without permission.
Boat is perfect for recreational boating training, tourism and fishing.
With compact dimensions and low weight can be easily transported and stored. It is aesthetic, functional, completely unsinkable.

Maximum length: 2.98 m
Maximum width: 1.30 m
Total weight: 60kg
Sail area: up to 4.5 m2
Crew: up to 2 people

The boat can be mounted internal combustion engine or electric outboard.
Construction and equipment:
The hull is composed of two internal and external fittings, made of glass-reinforced polyester. The space between fittings partially filled with plastic foam material serves as a chamber for buoyancy guaranteeing subdivision boat. Sails without standing rigging with a single sail with an area of 4.5 m2. With movable fin rudder and tiller tilt.
The fuselage equipment also includes transverse bench